Book Don't Flirt With Suicide : Why People Commit Suicide and Effective Ways to Manage and Prevent It

Book Don't Flirt With Suicide : Why People Commit Suicide and Effective Ways to Manage and Prevent It of Thomas, INDEPENDENTLY PUBLISHED
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Each year, more than a million individuals commit suicide throughout the world. Even yet, a lot of what we believe we know about a disaster that might befall our loved ones is inaccurate. This lucid and compelling book provides sympathetic and truthful knowledge of a prolific global killer. The need for clear, evidence-based guidelines on suicide prevention in healthcare has increased as a result of the present public health issue surrounding suicide and developments in clinical practice. Don't Flirt With Suicide prevention manual is a crucial tool for mental health and primary care practitioners, as well as for any practitioner looking to keep their practice current, patient-centered, and in line with the highest standards of care. The book gives brief suggestions for suicide screening, risk assessment, interventions, and follow-up communication after providing a synopsis of the science and public health model of suicide. It talks about risk management, how health systems can stop suicide, and offers highly specific advice to professionals after a patient commits suicide. The use of social media in care plans, telemedicine, and difficulties associated with working with particular communities, cultures, and race/ethnicity. It presents a comprehensive, prevention-focused approach to suicide prevention that includes techniques, anticipated improvements, and practical support. Davis contends that mental illnesses, which are frequently severe, and some genetic factors impact the risk for suicide. Suicide vulnerability can be recognized and treated. What's more, suicide can be avoided. Continue Reading!
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