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About us

The Bisturi website commercializes national and foreign technical books, anatomical models and hospital technical material.

Primarily geared to meet the needs of the university segment, we also privilege the professional segment.

We also serve Bookstores, Companies, Universities, Libraries and Documentation Centers.

We have a specific service for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Hospital Equipment.

The books that we commercialize have a discount of 20%, except those that are covered by the "Fixed Price Law", all Foreign books and also the books that have a limit discount, imposed by the respective Publishers, in which we only give a discount of 10%.

In addition to the presence on the Internet, we participate regularly in Fairs, Congresses, Seminars, Colloquia and Scientific Meetings.

We celebrate Cooperation Protocols and Partnerships, with Associations of Students, Companies, Universities, Pharmaceutical Industry, Professional Orders, Socio-Professional Organizations and NGOs.

The export of Portuguese books throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the PALOP'S is one of our priorities.

Meeting the needs of Customers is the only objective, to which we dedicate all our enthusiasm and work.

Therefore, we encourage Customers to present suggestions for improvements not only in the service and in the service provided, but also in the suggestion of new products or services that they feel they need and would like the Provider to provide.

With the bet we will make in reinforcing the presence of Bisturi in social networks, we want the Clients to feel an integral part of the Bisturi community, to become their best ambassadors, for all together to attract more and more people to this Community, which continues to disseminate knowledge in a responsible and supportive way.

Finally, as part of our social responsibility practice, we collaborate and support non-profit institutions, with the donation of books and other actions considered relevant and necessary, for which we count on the support of our Clients.