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Book Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst : The Essentials You Must Know

Book Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst : The Essentials You Must Know


1, 2021
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In Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst: The Essentials You Must Know, veteran analyst Shin Horie delivers a must-read, practical guide on the analysis of companies and industries. The book offers a guide to conducting industry-level analysis from a global perspective, with a particular emphasis on adjustments necessary for covering companies in emerging markets. Readers will also get: A robust background on the basic process flow of company analysis and valuation Guidelines for examining earnings drivers in major industries Tips on the qualitative profiling of companies and how to dig deeper to find nuance that financial statements don't express Perfect for early-career equity analysts themselves, as well as corporate managers who seek to understand how their organisations will be scrutinized and examined by finance professionals, Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst offers readers an insightful narrative on the necessary ingredients for success in this demanding field.

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