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Book Artificial Intelligence In Surgery : Understanding The Role Of AI In Surgical Practice

Book Artificial Intelligence In Surgery : Understanding The Role Of AI In Surgical Practice


1, 2021
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Build a solid foundation in surgical AI with this engaging, comprehensive guide for AI novices Machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision in surgical education, practice, and research will soon be de rigueur. Written for surgeons without a background in math or computer science, Artificial Intelligence in Surgery provides everything you need to evaluate new technologies and make the right decisions about bringing AI into your practice. Comprehensive and easy to understand, this first-of-its-kind resource illustrates the use of AI in surgery through real-life examples. It covers the issues most relevant to your practice, including: Neural Networks and Deep Learning Natural Language Processing Computer Vision Surgical Education and Simulation Preoperative Risk Stratification Intraoperative Video Analysis OR Black Box and Tracking of Intraoperative Events Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Surgery Natural Language Processing for Clinical Documentation Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the EMR Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Surgery Artificial Intelligence and Health Policy Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses of Artificial Intelligence Research Finally, the appendix includes a detailed glossary of terms and important learning resources and techniques?all of which helps you interpret claims made by studies or companies using AI. HELPFUL READS FROM THE BLOG Inspiring Women to Lead: A Necessary Part of the Gender Parity Change Agenda

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